Peter Voss Datameer interviewed by tecpunk

Peter Voss Datameer from newthinking on Vimeo.

Peter Voss Datameer from newthinking on Vimeo.

Peter Voss is CTO at Datameer with extensive experience in software engineering and architecture of large-scale data processing. His focus has been largely on UNIX based enterprise systems with extensive background in Java, Spring, Hadoop, Lucene and Eclipse plug-in development.

Prior to Datameer, Peter consulted on a number of big data business intelligence projects with companies such as EMI Music and Krugle. Earlier, he was architect and developer for Deutsche Post and their ePost project, a distributed production system that processed more than 1 billion letters per year. Peter studied biology and has a Diplom (i.e., a Masters) in biochemistry and bioinformatics from the University of Köln.

Recorded at berlin buzzwords 2012.
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Produzed by Alexander Oelling and Philippe Souidi.

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