“Finding Truth & Beauty in Data” — Moritz Stefaner at European Communication Summit 2013

“Finding Truth & Beauty in Data” — Moritz Stefaner at European Communication Summit 2013 from Moritz Stefaner on Vimeo.

In this keynote talk from the European Communication Summit (communication-summit.eu), Moritz Stefaner reports from his practice as a »truth and beauty operator«, shedding light on workflow and design rationale behind his latest data visualization projects. His work ranges from clean, effective information design over interactive, exploratory visualizations to aesthetic data artworks. You will get a glimpse into today’s possibilities in data visualization, and learn how data visualization can become an effective tool for communication and learning in today’s information rich world.

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BellaDati – makes big data directly accessible to business leaders

Currently, big data is a melting pot of distributed data architectures and tools like Hadoop, NoSQL, Hive and R. But, there are new companies emerging offering a toolset to make big data accessible to business leaders.

BellaDati is a fit-to-purpose products that abstract away as much of the technical complexity as possible, so that the power of big data can be put into the hands of business users.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kwm0SP_hJQQ]

BellaDati’s idea is to provide the world with a tool to reinvent the way business users interact with their data.

BellaDati is offering solutions for several industies so far:

This trend of simplifying the access to data knowledge will change the BI landscape as we know it. Martin Trgina the CEO and founder of BellaDati has this vision and manifested it by the mission statement of BellaDati:

“We believe everybody should have an answer to data questions without waiting and in a nice design. We believe that everyone can love the BI. So — we made BellaDati.”

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